Google’s Hopes of EU Settlement Suffer Blow

Google Inc.’s hopes of settling its high-profile antitrust case in the European Union suffered a setback Thursday as rivals and consumer groups publicly blasted its latest proposal for resolving the EU’s competition concerns.


FCC Unlikely to Bless a Comcast-TWC Deal, Says Regulator

Any effort by Comcast Corp. to acquire Time Warner Cable Inc. would face significant hurdles in Washington, according to a Federal Communications Commission official, casting doubt on a cable-industry consolidation scenario that has grabbed Wall Street’s attention.


German Cartel Office Drops Amazon Review on Pricing

Germany’s cartel office has dropped proceedings against Amazon.com Inc. after the online retailer satisfied authorities it has abandoned a pricing policy that limited competition.

Qualcomm Says China Is Investigating Whether Firm Broke Its Anti-Monopoly Law

CEO Paul Jacobs had said the company has been seeing fallout in China related to the NSA scandal and other U.S. government actions.


Google Amends Proposal to Settle EU Antitrust Investigation

Google Inc. offered new proposals to address European Union concerns that the company unfairly uses its search engine to promote its own services.

Apple Gets Its E-Book Antitrust Monitor

A federal judge taps former federal prosecutor Michael Bromwich to keep an eye on Apple’s antitrust compliance.


Google Nears EU Settlement

Google Inc. appeared to have made a significant step toward settling a long-running competition case with the European Union over its signature search engine after the EU’s competition chief said new Google concessions had moved it much closer to addressing key antitrust concerns.

Apple’s E-Book Punishment Court Order Is Final, and Not as Bad as Apple Feared

But Apple says it will still appeal.

The Incredible Shrinking Apple E-Book Remedy

Not quite the “modest” injunction Apple would like, but getting closer.

Apple Says DOJ’s E-Book Remedies Are Biased in Amazon’s Favor

“Plaintiffs are seeking a remedy that would give Amazon significant competitive advantage over Apple — an advantage it is neither entitled to nor deserves.”

Apple Loses E-Book Antitrust Trial

The Apple iBooks Origin Story