For Sale: Old Apple, Very Expensive

One of Steve Jobs’s first computers might sell for more than $500,000.

After Months of Hacks, Twitter Launches Heightened Security Features

A new form of identity verification could help deter account hackers.

Some Guardian Twitter Accounts Hacked, Likely More to Follow

Another day, another high-profile hack.

U.S. Stocks Tank Briefly in Wake of Associated Press Twitter Account Hack

A sharp reaction to an errant, disturbing tweet.

Yahoo Is Among Those Mulling a Bid for About $20 Million

Kicking the tires of the entertainment listings, video and news site.

Speeding Up the Wire

AP chides reporters for tweeting about Occupy news before the news hits the wire So shouldn’t the wire speed up?!

— The New York Times’ (and former Facebook and Twitter product guy) Brian Stelter, in response to an email by Associated Press managing editor Lou Ferrara, reprimanding reporters for breaking news on Twitter before it hit the wire, the iPad News Aggregator Blessed by Big Publishers, Gets Ready to Launch

The 99-cents-a-week service looks like the kind of thing that could drive the New York Times and the Associated Press batty. Instead, they’ve signed on for a piece of the action.

When Media Giants Attack! Cease-and-Desist Letter to News Reader Zite Claims All Kinds of Copyright Damage

A panoply of big media giants sent a cease-and-desist letter today to Zite, the Apple iPad news reader app. The Washington Post, AP, Gannett, Getty, Time, Dow Jones and many other media organizations were part of the copyright violations action, which you can read all about after the jump.

News Byte

Associated Press Settles Copyright Case With Obama Poster-Maker Shepard Fairey

Good to get this one cleared up before the 2012 election: The Associated Press has settled its copyright case with artist Shepard Fairey, who used an AP photograph to create the once-famous Obama “Hope” poster in 2008. The case has been worth watching for digital types because it hinges on the concept of “fair use,” but an AP press release notes that “neither side surrenders its view of the law.” The two sides will work together to generate revenue from the poster and related images, and Fairey plans on making more stuff using AP photos, with the news group’s permission.

Don't Like to Listen to Music on the Go? Sony Has a Music Subscription Service for You

Sony’s “Music Unlimited” is like many other monthly subscription services, except you can’t take it with you. Oh dear.