Look What Happens When You Drop an iPad 2

Apple’s Smart Cover is a nifty feat of technology, allowing the device to turn on and off just by lifting up its paneled edge. But just how well does it protect the tablet in a fall? The folks at SquareTrade wanted to find out, so they dropped a few of the new iPads–and then shared the video with AllThingsD.

Apple Says Working With Foxconn to Explore Cause of China Explosion

The iPad maker said it is “deeply saddened” by the tragedy in Chengdu earlier on Friday and said it is “working closely” with Foxconn to investigate. At least two people were killed and 16 injured in the explosion, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

Apps for Androids

Walt answers a reader’s question on Apple-compatible apps for Android tablets.

Tablet Owners Spending More Time on Their Net-Connected TVs and Phones, but Less on PCs

Three-quarters of those surveyed by Nielsen say that they are doing tasks on their tablet that they used to do on a PC, while roughly a third are spending less time on their desktop or laptop since getting a tablet. And, of those who have a tablet, some 82 percent of respondents say their device is an iPad.

Couch Potato on the Go: Watching TV on an iPad

Walt’s quick guide on how to use a variety of apps to get network and cable TV shows sent directly to your iPad.

Start-Up iSwifter Brings Flash Games and More to the iPad (Video)

By streaming Web sessions to the iPad, iSwifter allows users to reach destinations they couldn’t reach on the iPad. Particularly important to one member of the Mobilized household, iSwifter’s technology means Facebook’s Flash-based games now work on Apple’s tablet.

Samsung Fires Back Against Apple with Lawsuits of Its Own

The Korean electronics giant is firing back, just days after Apple accused Samsung of infringing on patents and trademarks related to the iPhone and iPad. According to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung has filed suits of its own in Korea, Japan and Germany.

Picking Out a Laptop in the Brave, New World of Tablets

With the industry in flux and tablets on the rise, you’ll want to take a modest approach to choosing a laptop. Walt offers advice in his twice-yearly buyer’s guide.

Deleting Emails on an iPad

Walt Mossberg answers readers’ question on how to delete more than one email at once on an iPad, secure computers, and more.

Apple Aims to Squash Pair of Bugs With Latest iOS Update

The iPhone maker offered an update on Thursday aimed to address two recent bugs causing problems for some using the latest versions of Apple’s latest phone and tablet software. It also released security updates for the Mac and for the Verizon iPhone.

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