IBM Acquires Financial Security Firm Trusteer, Opens Israel Lab

Big Blue goes bigger on security.

Coming to Wall Street This Month: Quantum Dawn 2 — Cyberwar!

A sequel to 2011’s popular exercise, in which banks and federal agencies will attempt to deal with a simulated cyber attack. Probably no car chases, though.


A Call to Arms for Banks

U.S. regulators are stepping up calls for banks to better-arm themselves against the growing online threat hackers and criminal organizations pose to individual institutions and the financial system as a whole.


Banks Make Smartphone Connection

Americans are growing increasingly comfortable using their mobile phones to conduct basic financial transactions, sending banks racing to offer new technology that will cut down on costly customer-service calls and branch visits.

As Attacks Mount, Governments Grapple With Cyber Security Policies

Why do governments in Europe and the US respond so differently to questions about cyber security when a unified approach would make more sense?


Why Credit Card Companies Need Some Madison Avenue Style

Facing major competitors in the mobile wallet and offers business, credit card companies need to figure out how to leverage their relationships with consumers.

News Byte

mFoundry Acquired for $120 Million in Cash for Its Mobile Banking Tech

The original developer behind the Starbucks mobile application, mFoundry, has been acquired by FIS, which already owned a 22 percent stake in the company. FIS said it will pay $120 million in cash for the remaining stake, meaning the entire deal was worth around $165 million. Other investors in the nine-year-old company include MasterCard, Intel Capital, Motorola Mobility, PayPal, Bank of America and Ignition Partners. MFoundry had 850 clients, many of which were banks that deployed the company’s technology inside of their mobile apps.


Dell Deal Done Differently

When a giant takeover is brewing, banks usually try to get as many pieces of the action as they can, from offering advice to lending money.

Iran Raised Its Cyberwar Game After Stuxnet, U.S. General Says

Ongoing attacks against Iranian computers have strengthened that nation’s resolve to fight back.


Banks Seek U.S. Help on Iran Cyber Attacks

Major U.S. banks are pressing for government action to block or squelch what Washington officials say is an intensifying Iranian campaign of cyber attacks against American financial institutions.