Motorola’s Moto G Might Stand for “Great” Budget Phone

Willing to sacrifice 4G/LTE? Moto G, at $179, is the mid-range, contract-free phone to beat.
Moto G

Electric-Vehicle Owners Get Charged Up Over Charging-Station Manners

Most people wouldn’t walk by a car at the fuel tank and pull out the nozzle. But electric-vehicle owners unplug other cars when they need a charge, leading some to call for more established etiquette.

Logitech’s iPhone Gamepad Case Goes on Sale Next Month, Costs $100

The leaks were 100 percent right.

An iPad That’s Mini in Screen Size Only

Apple’s new iPad mini has the same screen resolution and chip for faster processing as the iPad Air.

Is a Nexus Phone Running on KitKat Any Sweeter?

Google’s new Nexus 5 has some big advantages over its predecessor, but also a big minus.

Apple Replacing Some iPhone 5s Handsets Due to Battery Issue

Apple says that a manufacturing issue has affected “a very limited number” of new iPhone 5s units.

Speed and Power Packed Into a Thin iPad Air

This new iPad isn’t a radical rethinking of what a tablet can be, but it’s a major improvement on a successful product, says Walt. And it’s the best tablet he’s ever reviewed.

Kindle Fire HDX: A More Helpful Tablet

The most unusual feature of the Kindle Fire HDX is its Mayday button, but a better help system isn’t exactly the prime reason to buy a new tablet.

Qualcomm Now Has a Foot in All the Wireless Charging Camps

The company, which had been a big backer of the Alliance for Wireless Power, has also joined the two other major wireless charging efforts.

Garmin Navigates Its Way Into the Action-Camera Market With the Virb

Can extra-long battery life set this new Garmin apart from all the action-camera competitors out there?
Garmin Virb