Why Your Cable Bill Won’t Get Smaller When Big TV Gets Bigger

For now, at least.

Inside the Mysterious World of the Elusive Cord-Cutter!

Secrets revealed! For starters: Turns out that people who don’t pay for TV are happy to pay for TV.

Cord-Cutting Is Real, and the Cable Guys Are Still in Great Shape — For Now

The pay-TV business might be teetering, or at least getting close to the edge. But the broadband business — which the pay-TV guys own, too — is in great shape. For now.

Google Fiber Is World-Changing! Or Maybe Not. Or Both!

Let’s hear what Larry Page has to say about his company’s plans to take on Comcast, Verizon and everyone else in the broadband business.

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Facebook’s Early Christmas Gift: Shares Surge on Analyst Upgrades

Facebook’s usual Wall Street Scrooges do a sudden, positive about-face on the stock’s prospects.

Facebook Exchange Will Be Big, but Not Big Enough to Stop Slowing Web Ads

The good news: Facebook’s ad targeting program is working. The less-good news, at least for the ad tech guys: It’s always going to be a sideline, says Bernstein Research.

Cord-Keeping: Pay TV Shrinks for the Quarter, Stays Steady for the Year

Time for another installment of “Cord-Cutting: Fact or Fantasy”?

The Math Behind Disney’s “Star Wars” Deal

Maybe a Mickey-Yoda mashup: Bob Iger needs to sell $4.5 billion in tickets to make the math work, says Bernstein Research.

Why an Apple TV Is Not an iPhone

Some Apple fans predict a replay of 2007, when Steve Jobs upended the mobile business with a sexy new device. This time around could be much different.

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