BlackBerry’s Latest Filing Paints Grimmest Picture Yet of Company’s Business

As bad as the second-quarter sales figures were, things may get worse as the company tries to figure out how to move the massive inventory already in the hands of carriers.

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BlackBerry 10 Gets NATO Security Clearance

A rare bit of good news for BlackBerry amid all the bad: The company’s new next-generation mobile platform has won NATO security clearance. BlackBerry said Tuesday that its BlackBerry 10 smartphones and BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 have been approved for “Restricted” NATO communications. Restricted is NATO’s fourth and lowest security category, but by winning it, BlackBerry has cleared its devices for use by NATO employees in all 28 member states.

BlackBerry Messenger Hits Android and iOS This Weekend

BlackBerry Messenger finally goes cross-platform.

Huawei Doesn’t Want BlackBerry

Not interested, says board member Chen Lifang.

So Much for BlackBerry’s “Clear Shot” at Being No. 3 in the Smartphone Market

It’s not BlackBerry that has a clear shot at becoming the No. 3 platform in the smartphone market; it’s Windows Phone.

Canada’s Worried About BlackBerry, and It Should Be

The Canadian government is “paying close attention” to BlackBerry’s downward spiral.

120,000 Apps in BlackBerry World (Spoiler: 47,000 Made by One Developer)

Looks like BlackBerry’s seen some success with its developer outreach efforts …

The BlackBerry Q5’s Next Emerging Market? Canada.

BlackBerry’s new Q5 will launch in the company’s homeland on August 13.

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