Sales Erode at Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble Inc.’s latest quarterly earnings show an erosion in sales for both print books and e-books, casting a cloud over its long-term prospects.

In “Hatching Twitter,” a Billion-Dollar Company That Almost Wasn’t

The roots of the microblogging service are exposed in a new expository tale from New York Times columnist Nick Bilton.

News Byte

Interactive-Book Toolmaker Inkling Raises $16M

Inkling, which helps publishers make interactive books for the Web and iOS, has raised $16 million in Series C funding led by Sequoia Capital, just about exactly two years after it raised slightly more than that — $17 million — in Series B funding from the same investors. The San Francisco company said it has a deal to help bring 1,000 new academic and medical titles to the Inkling store from partners Elsevier and Pearson, and that it will soon add Android support.


Apple Ruling Heaps Doubt on “MFN” Clauses

Last week’s court ruling that the price-matching provision in Apple’s contracts with five major book publishers was part of a conspiracy to fix e-book prices, heaped doubt on such provisions, called most-favored-nation clauses.

Barnes & Noble CEO William Lynch Resigns Amid Strategic Review

An uncertain future for the one-time book giant.

Barnes & Noble Gets the Nook Ready for Its Dirt Nap

The bookseller hasn’t completely ditched its device business. Just most of it.

Limiting Wi-Fi Access Per Child

Walt answers readers’ questions about limiting Wi-Fi Internet access for family members.

KatieCam: What’s On Nuance CEO Paul Ricci’s Bookshelf (Video)

Because Siri won’t read “War and Peace” to you.


Tweet Any Good Books Lately?

Book groups, in a 140 characters.

Amazon Buys Book Recommendation Site Goodreads

It’s kind of a natural for a company that, despite its many other ventures, still makes a lot of its money selling books.

Amazon’s Executive Team Is Shrinking

Barnes & Noble Loves Mommy Porn!