As Amazon’s Stock Hits All-Time High, Warehouse Issues Under Scrutiny

In many ways, Amazon is on a roll. But certain workplace issues don’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

AllThingsD Week in Review: Twitter’s Product Problem and Ballmer Keeps His Microsoft Shares

The Top 10 stories that powered AllThingsD this week, in one convenient post.

Everyone’s a Critic, and Everyone Is a Publisher: Brad Stone on MacKenzie Bezos on Brad Stone on Jeff Bezos

I’m grateful to MacKenzie and to every other thoughtful reviewer who shares their perspectives on my book and on this remarkable story.

— Bloomberg Businessweek reporter and Jeff Bezos biographer Brad Stone, responding to a one-star review of his new book from MacKenzie Bezos, Jeff Bezos’s wife. MacKenzie Bezos wrote her review of “The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon” on; Stone published his response on Bloomberg’s site.

Amazon’s Secret Website

The biggest online store you’ve never heard of.

How Jeff Bezos Crushed So Amazon Could Buy

Tales of ruthlessness in leadership and competition from Bloomberg Businessweek journalist Brad Stone’s new book about Amazon.

Benefits of Hot Air

When you’re dying of malaria, I suppose you’ll look up and see that balloon, and I’m not sure how it’ll help you.

Bill Gates, about Google’s plans to float broadband transmitters over Africa in hot-air balloons, in a Businessweek interview with Brad Stone

Larry Page’s Soul

Our soul is the same.

Larry Page to Businessweek’s Brad Stone, on his belief that Google hasn’t really changed since it made its motto “Don’t be evil”

Fortune Gives Facebook the Apple Treatment

Fortune is so proud of its new Mark Zuckerberg story that it’s making it hard to read.

Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg Wants to Hire As Few People As Necessary, and Isn't So Sure About China

Bloomberg Businessweek just posted Brad Stone’s lengthy cover story about Facebook’s No. 2 exec Sheryl Sandberg and her highly effective soft power.