One of the Warring Wireless-Charging Factions Adopts Rezence Brand Name

The Alliance for Wireless Power, the last of the competing efforts to bring products to market, says compatible gear will be identified under the brand Rezence.

Broadcom Co-Founder Sees Peace Coming to Warring Wireless-Charging Factions in 2014

In an interview, Broadcom’s Henry Samueli tells AllThingsD that the competing standards efforts will merge into one approach, likely sometime next year.

Cisco Probably Took a Hit From the Federal Shutdown

October is probably the worst time of the year for the government to shut down, if you’re Cisco Systems.

iPad Air Has Spendier Display, Costs Less to Make Than Earlier Models

The latest teardown report by research firm IHS shows where Apple is spending more, and less, on its new device.

Broadcom Pays $164 Million for Renesas 4G Wireless Chip Unit

The unit includes a team of designers that originated at Nokia.
Scott McGregor Broadcom

Broadcom CEO Says Wearable Market Way Bigger Than Just Apple and Samsung

Scott McGregor says that big-name brands may not dominate the wearable computing market the way they have the phone business.


Broadcom Seeks Push From Emerging Markets

U.S. chip designer Broadcom Corp. is moving to tap the fast-growing market for low-cost smartphones by forming partnerships with local carriers and handset makers in emerging markets.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Costs $237 to Build, Teardown Analysis Shows

Samsung buys a lot of components from itself.

Intel Still Nibbling Around the Edges in Mobile

The company announces its dual-core chip, along with a new Egyptian carrier partner, but the big-name wins continue to elude the chipmaker.

Mobile World Congress: The Event You Don’t Want to Miss — Or Launch a Product At

There will be plenty going on in Barcelona next week, but some big players are taking a siesta from product launches.

At CES, Chipmakers Go All In on Mobile

Seven Questions for ARM CEO Warren East