QOTD: Sneaky Snaps

Back when we had cameras that weren’t in our phones, it would be really strange to just walk up to someone and take a picture of them, or kind of place the camera on the table and try to sneak a picture of someone as they’re ordering food or something.

— Kristen Wiig, talking about the “weird phenomenon” of ubiquitious/surreptitious photographs, on Vulture.com

Atheer and Meta Want You to Touch Your Apps in Midair

Reach out and touch something.

Sony Updates Lens-Style Camera to Include Photo Gallery, Better Connectivity

Sony’s lens-style cameras might be a bit more intuitive now.

Sony Plans a 4K Fest for CES

The company is focusing on the next generation of high-def video as part of its effort to reclaim lost ground at the high end of the consumer electronics market.

Lytro Adds 3-D Viewing Capability to Its Living Images, Apple Online Store as Distributor

Lytro has been showing off 3-D as a potential feature since it first unveiled its technology more than two years ago.

Mixamo Aims to “Democratize” Motion Capture, Keep Dots Off People’s Faces

Mixamo unveils software that hopes to make anyone with a Webcam into a motion-capture actor.
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Poppy Looks to Turn Your iPhone Into a 3-D Camera

Good idea or gimmicky?

Is the Camera Phone Poised for a Comeback?

Hardware makers are starting to experiment with designs that put the camera front and center, even where it means adding cost and bulk.

Lytro Names Former Ning Head Rosenthal as CEO

Rosenthal, who also worked at AOL and Netscape once upon a time, takes the helm of the camera maker.

Demystifying Advanced Compact Cameras

Looking for an advanced compact camera in addition to your smartphone, but confused by some of the specs? Read on.

More Picture-Takers Are Phoning It In