Radio Isn’t Going Away

More than 95 percent of the people who used Pandora in the past month also listened to broadcast radio in the past week.

Music Sales Slump Again

Don’t blame Spotify or Pandora. But you might want to show this article to the folks at SoftBank and Vivendi.

You Still Can’t Resell Your iTunes Songs, Court Rules

Resell a CD? Sure. MP3? Nope.

Ten Things About Me

15 Things About Aaron Levie


Stream Heat

Streaming or downloading 12 tracks, without compression, just 27 times by one user would, in energy terms, equate to the production and shipping of one physical 12-track CD album.

Dagfinn Bach, in a Music Tank study on digital music consumption


Forget CDs — Teens Tune In to YouTube

Among the issues dividing teenagers and their parents, add whether to listen to music on YouTube or on CD.

QOTD: A Gazillion Hours. FREE!!

When we launched AOL 4.0 in 1998, AOL used ALL of the world-wide CD production for several weeks. Think of that. Not a single music CD or Microsoft CD was produced during those weeks.

— Reggie Fairchild, product manager for AOL 4.0

The Music Business Welcomes the Future, a Decade Behind Schedule

Maybe it was Adele. Maybe it was Lady Gaga. Or maybe just gravity. But the music labels are finally selling more digital stuff than discs.

Yikes! The Digital Music Business Is Still Stuck in 2005.

Spotify may be the future. But right now the industry is dominated by iTunes and a phone fad most of you forgot about years ago.


Music for Nothing and the Fans for Free

Consumers won’t pay for recorded music in the future — but fans will pay for music experiences.

FTC Gives Ed Felten Freedom to Tinker