Vietnamese Government Passes Law to Fine Social Media Critics

“Decree 72” could levy steep fines and even imprisonment against those who use social media to criticize the state.

Twitter’s Mobile Update Can Keep Your Sensitive Eyes Safe From Sexy Tweets

Avert thine eyes no more, fearers of tweet porn!


Alibaba Founder Jack Ma’s Tiananmen Comments Draw Ire

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. founder and executive chairman Jack Ma labeled the 1989 crackdown on protesters in Tiananmen Square as “the most correct decision” at the time and broached the subject of Chinese Internet censorship in a recent interview, drawing sharp criticism online.


China’s “Wall” Hits Business

Experts say the blocks that keep Chinese users from accessing services like Facebook, Twitter and Google Inc.’s online-video unit YouTube, are hurting businesses, slowing their traffic and hindering their use of a new generation of cloud-computing services.

Nudged by Apple, Twitter’s Porn Saga Ends in a Raw Deal for Vine

In App Store dealings, sometimes compromise hurts.

Twitter’s Vine App Doesn’t Have a Porn Problem. It Has a Porn Discovery Problem.

Hide your porn better, Twitter.

Toward a More Visual Language: How Social Networks Skirt Censorship in China

There are ways around the hard-and-fast rules of the state. Listen up, Facebook.

Court Says Negative Yelp Reviews Shouldn’t Be Censored

Just because someone says something not nice about you doesn’t mean you can sue them to take it down.


China Poised for Crackdown on Internet

China appears to be gearing up for a crackdown on its domestic Internet after a series of online exposés of corruption underscored the growing power of social media there.

Iran Debuts Its Own Version of YouTube

The site aims to spread Islamic influence throughout the Persian world.