China’s ZTE Quietly Becoming a Force in Global, U.S. Smartphone Markets

The world’s No. 4 cellphone maker has made inroads into the U.S. by catering to the needs of carriers and putting their brands first.

CES Hangover: What You Might Have Missed

We came, we saw, we conquered … but we couldn’t possibly write about every one of the more than 20,000 products showcased in Las Vegas last week. Here’s a quick catch-up.

Channel Changer: One-on-One With YouTube Content Boss Robert Kyncl (Video)

YouTube is spending millions to get more content on the site. Why not spend even more? “Just because you can afford something doesn’t mean you should do it.”

HP’s Former CTO: Ultrabooks Are Nothing New, webOS Still Has Life Yet

Ultrabooks have been ultra-hyped at CES this year, but they’re nothing new, says the recently retired CTO of HP’s Personal Systems Group.

Walt Shows Off CES Gadgets for Fox Business News (Video)

The Justin Bieber of CES (or so says Fox Business News) has found a few intriguing items in a show without any real blockbusters.
Walt at CES 2012 Fox Business News

eBay Predicts Mobile Commerce Will Grow 60 Percent in 2012

EBay’s John Donahoe has drawn his mobile prediction line in the sand for 2012, and it is pretty jaw-dropping.

What Kind of Web Video Plans Does Sony Have? (Video)

“We’re certainly talking to lots of different people about some new possibilities,” says exec Tim Schaaff. Hmmm.
tim schaaff sony

Why Rhapsody Is (Probably) Bigger Than Spotify — In the U.S.

Jon Irwin’s music service has been at it for 10 years, and it doesn’t get anything like the attention that the new guys get. But, at the very least, he is holding is own.
jon irwin rhapsody

Microsoft Beefing Up CeBit Presence Even as It Pulls Back on CES

The software giant may have made its last big presence in Vegas, but it is actually increasing its investment in Germany’s big technology show.

Inside the CES Lost & Found

Inside the CES Lost & Found booth, the iPhone is the hot ticket — among other … non-tech-related items.
A treasure chest of lost iPhones.