Late Start May Be Tempering China Mobile’s iPhone Preorders

But what will sales look like after the 5s and 5c officially launch?

Apple Strikes Long-Awaited Deal With China Mobile, With iPhone 5s and 5c to Hit Stores on January 17

At long, last the two companies have struck a deal to help Apple target one of its biggest opportunities in mobile.


China Mobile Coy on iPhone Launch Timetable

At China Mobile’s forum to unveil its new fourth-generation mobile brand in Guangzhou, the company was still coy about its plans to offer Apple’s iPhones.

How Many iPhones Can Apple Sell on China Mobile? (Spoiler: Lots)

17 million? 20 million? … 38 million?


Apple, China Mobile Sign Deal to Offer iPhone

The rollout of iPhones on the world’s largest mobile carrier by users is expected to start later this month.


China Mobile Brand Launch Raises iPhone Hopes

China Mobile Ltd. said it plans to introduce a new brand for mobile services on Dec. 18, raising expectations of an imminent start to its iPhone sales in the country.

Apple Poised to Cash In on China Smartphone Boom

Once it inks that China Mobile deal.

Does Apple Really Need a Less-Expensive iPhone Right Now?

Why bother chasing lower-margin phone sales when there’s still a significant opportunity in high-margin ones?

Regulators Clear iPhone for Use on China Mobile’s TD-LTE Network

A deal is likely imminent.

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