Yahoo CEO Search in Final Stages, With Levinsohn and Kilar in Lead

For goodness sake, Yahoo board: Pick already!

Here Are Some More Yahoo CEO Choices: Liddell, Rosenblatt, Desmond

Let’s throw a few more names on the fire!

Microsoft Reports Strong Rebound: Happy–Well, Less Gloomy–Days Are Here Again! (Plus the Numbers)

With much easier comparisons due to a devastating period last year and an upswing in PC sales, Microsoft posted solid third-quarter earnings today after the markets closed. The Redmond, Wash.-based software giant said it had revenue of $14.5 billion in the quarter ended March 31, a six percent rise from a year ago. Net income was $4.01 billion, or 45 cents a share. That handily beat Wall Street expectations of $14.4 billion and 42 cents a share.

Microsoft Second-Quarter Earnings Call: Put on a Happy Face?

It was back to normal for Microsoft, at least if you looked at its stellar results in the second quarter, which the software giant reported earlier today. BoomTown liveblogged the company’s call with Wall Street analysts, which began at 2:30 pm PT today. It was hard to tell if Microsoft–which has been one of the grumpier tech companies publicly, due to its weaker results over the last year–would start to put on a happy face or not.

Microsoft CFO Liddell Departs (Kiwi-Lovers Mourn); Klein Becomes New Numbers Dude

Microsoft CFO Chris Liddell is leaving the software giant at the end of the year and will be replaced by longtime Microsoft finance exec Peter Klein. A Microsoft spokesman said Liddell wants to pursue jobs beyond his finance role outside the company. BoomTown always enjoyed his adorkable New Zealand accent, even when it was talking econalypse 24/7. I have no idea what Klein sounds like, but he currently serves as CFO of Microsoft’s Business Division, which is one of the company’s largest units.

Liveblogging the Microsoft First-Quarter Earnings Call: Look, Wall Street–Jazz Hands!

Well, well, well, that financial imp at Microsoft–CFO Chris Liddell–pulled a fast one on Wall Street and turned in first-quarter earnings that blew away all estimates and even whisper numbers. BoomTown liveblogged the morning conference call, which took place at 7:30 am PT–thanks for the Kiwi-laced wake-up call, Chris! While revenue and net income in Q1 were down significantly from the same period a year ago, they were not as bad as investors expected. Which apparently passes for terrific these days!

Microsoft Q1: The Wow Starts Now (Plus the Press Release)

What a nice way to top off an already big week. Posting first-quarter financials before market opening this morning, Microsoft said it earned 40 cents a share on revenue of $12.92 billion, besting analyst estimates that had called for a profit of 32 cents a share and revenue of $12.4 billion. Nonetheless, the software giant still saw both profits and revenue decline for the third quarter in a row.

Microsoft Earnings Preview: Move on, Nothing to See Here

Microsoft has had a high-profile week, between launching its new Windows 7 operating system and striking real-time feed partnerships with both Twitter and Facebook. But Wall Street is not expecting quite as much excitement from the software giant’s first-quarter earnings, which will be announced before the markets open this morning. So any beating of expectations would be seen as a big deal by investors.

Microsoft Execs Got Compensation Axed, as Ballmer Touts "The New Efficiency" (Which Sounds Painful!)

BoomTown happens to be in the Seattle area today, deep in the heart of Microsoft territory, which apparently is now living in a state of “new normal” according to a declaration by the software giant’s CEO, Steve Ballmer. Well, it all looks the same to me, but that’s what he said in an “executive e-mail” post yesterday titled “The New Efficiency” about the changes brought on by the econalypse. Of course, it’s also a new buzzword for the company’s upcoming Windows 7 rollout, complete with a Web site. Now, that’s efficient! Meanwhile, Microsoft revealed in a proxy filing that the direct compensation of its top execs in 2009 had been slashed.

Ouija Alert: The Econalypse Still Flummoxing Tech and Media Execs

It’s hard to know what to think of the economy’s direction, even if you are trying to glean some knowledge from those whom you imagine might know a thing or two about it. Indeed, if you listened to a variety of tech and media execs talk about what its status is of late, it’s a wonder we can get out of the woods, since no one knows exactly where we are in them.

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