A New Worm Proves That the Internet of Things Is Vulnerable to Attack

Not worried about your Internet-connected toaster? Okay, how about your security camera?


CIA’s Financial Spying Bags Data on Americans

The Central Intelligence Agency is building a vast database of international money transfers that includes millions of Americans’ financial and personal data, officials familiar with the program say.

Nine Questions for Andy Jassy, Head of Amazon Web Services

Ahead of a big user conference, a look ahead, and back at cloud computing’s biggest player.

U.S. Intelligence Chief Defends Attempts to Break Tor Anonymity Network

It was all legal and appropriate, James Clapper argues.

China Is Not Investigating IBM, Oracle and EMC, Even as Tensions Increase

AllThingsD was wrong.

Microsoft Asks Attorney General to Intervene in Request to Disclose PRISM Info

“The Constitution itself is suffering.”

Apple Discloses Government Requests on as Many as 10,000 Accounts

An average of two accounts per request.

White House Steps Up Defense of Surveillance Programs (Video)

President does not feel privacy of Americans has been violated.

A Closer Look at Microsoft’s FISA Disclosure Numbers

A little back-of-the envelope math shows some interesting patterns.


Phones Leave a Telltale Trail

The April robbery at the Cartier store in Chevy Chase, Md., was brazen and quick. After grabbing 13 watches valued at $131,000, the suspects fled in a waiting car and melted into traffic. It was one of more than a dozen similar capers that had stumped police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.