Kindle Fire HDX: A More Helpful Tablet

The most unusual feature of the Kindle Fire HDX is its Mayday button, but a better help system isn’t exactly the prime reason to buy a new tablet.

iPhone 5c: Candy Colors With a Nice Price

The iPhone 5c’s improvements include longer battery life, better cellular-data capabilities, and a better front-facing camera.

T-Mobile Sees Red, Sues AT&T Subsidiary Over Magenta Infringement

T-Mobile says AT&T’s Aio Wireless is trying to confuse customers by using a shade too close to the company’s signature color.
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When I Say Jump … Marissa Mayer Gives Yahoo Employees Up Fitness Bands

Let’s get physical!

Albumatic Is a Photo-Sharing App With Vine Credentials, and You Might Use It

It’s like Color, or Highlight, except it could work. Perhaps you’ll use it in Austin next month …


App Prosperity

When every app can be built, that also means every app will be built.

What’s Really Going on With Color: A Small Apple Talent Acquisition

Color’s engineering team — about 20 people, almost the entire company — is being “acqhired” by Apple at what’s being called a “nominal” price of something like $2 million to $5 million.

In the Race to Win Social Video, Is One App Gaming the System Too Much?

As mobile social video apps skyrocket toward the top of the app store, some are going for the gold by any means necessary.

Color’s Plan C (Or Is It B.5?): Becoming Verizon’s Live Mobile Video Partner

Color, the famously overfunded social app shop, is still looking for its first big hit.

L.A. Stories: Mike Jones and Peter Pham Talk About the Science of Tech Studios (Video)

Down in SoCal, there is some serious start-up experimentation going on.

What Color Has Actually Done Right