And We Can Now Call the Election for … “The Daily Show”

With an iPad strapped to each arm, correspondent John Oliver reads an “actual tweet” from an “actual voter” before calling the election for Romney.

Viacom’s $5 Billion DirecTV Deal Keeps the Bundle Intact for Seven More Years

It’s fun to speculate about cord-cutting and bundle-breaking. But the pay-TV world has no interest in changing. Long-term, big-dollar deals like this are the reason why.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Stay Free on the Web, Thanks to a Hulu Loophole

Viacom knocks its shows off its own sites. But they’re still a (legal) click away


Four Weird Things the Internet Is Doing to Our Understanding of Television

People seem really intent these days on fusing television with the Internet. On one level this makes no sense.

Myspace — Yes, Myspace — Says It’s Going to Sell You Web TV

Who knew the first cable-cutting alternative would come from Justin Timberlake and crew? At least it’s supposed to: Plans are vague now, but will supposedly be firmed up soon.

SteelHouse Raises $6.3 Million to Be the eHarmony of E-Commerce

SteelHouse has raised a second round of funding, totaling $6.3 million, to build an e-commerce platform tailored to each shopper’s individual personality.

Viral Video: Seth MacFarlane Roasts Charlie Sheen

The television actor is winning!!! — at being called a loser!

Twitter Loves TV, and the Feeling Is Mutual

Twitter’s pitch: Buy ads with us, and we’ll make your ads more valuable. Comedy Central gives it a shot with tonight’s “Comedy Awards”. And coming soonish, perhaps: embedded TV broadcasts on itself.

The Secret to Some of Lucasfilm's Magic: Nvidia's GPU Chips

Asked to create a “tornado of fire” for a Harry Potter movie a few years ago, digital artists at Lucasfilm’s Industrial Light and Magic found the techniques they were using not up to the task. Then they discovered graphics chips, and things got very interesting.

Jon Stewart Wants a Shot At IBM's Watson, but What About SNL?

I was wrong to wonder if the IBM “Jeopardy” Challenge would penetrate into popular culture. Watson, the computer that crushed humans at “Jeopardy” made its debut in a late night comedy monologue last night.

Backstage at the Onion's New TV Show

Yahoo’s $100 Million TV Ad

Will an Ad Recovery Pass Viacom By?