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Christmas in April: Twitter Co-Founder on "The Colbert Report" Tonight!

The national PR tour of Twitter co-founder How-To-Succeed-in-Biz-Without-Really-Trying Stone continues tonight with a television appearance that is sure to be tasty.

Stone (pictured here)–who has clearly become the chatty spokesmodel for the hot microblogging service at public events all over the place of late–is set to be a guest on Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report.”

Stone, of course, just updated everyone about the show on Twitter and also on his blog site.

“It’s past 2am here in NYC and I’m battling email until I pass out—tomorrow, I’m on the Colbert Report! I’ll keep you posted. 9 minutes ago

Just landed at JFK with my wife, @livia (who grew up in Manhattan) — looking forward to a couple days in NYC! about 4 hours ago

Normally I’d fly @jetblue but since I’m headed to NYC to be on Colbert tomorrow night I’m flying American (flight is delayed) about 11 hours ago”

I have no doubt it will be snarktastic, especially given the bulls-eye piece Stephen Colbert’s comic twin, Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show,” did on Twitter recently, nailing the unholy media obsession with tweeting.

Until the show, which we will post later, here is a very funny video Colbert did for our 2007 D: All Things Digital conference about the Internet, when Viacom (VIA) head Philippe Dauman was interviewed onstage, so Biz can better prepare for his comic grilling, um, interview.

And Stewart’s Twitter-bashing video is also below.

Stephen Colbert:

Jon Stewart:

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