Former Googlers’ Would-Be WebEx Killer Highfive Gets $13.5M Before Even Launching

Highfive CEO Shan Sinha wants to “reimagine the way we communicate at work.” Details to come.

Imagine if Microsoft Had Made a SkypePhone

Today when Marc Andreessen talks about how software is eating the world, the companies he evokes are merely parroting the playbook of Skype, which did eat the phone companies and thus set the template for the notion that software is eating the world.

Om Malik, writing on Skype’s 10th birthday

The Thirteenth Monkey

I believe it’s to do with advertising: people are presented as gods and goddesses, beautiful and perfect. We’re just not like that. So how do you communicate with others if they are expecting you to be perfect? You do it in secret.

Terry Gilliam, in relation to his new film, “The Zero Theorem,” talking about why he thinks people use aliases online

Flickr Co-Founder Stewart Butterfield Turns to Workplace Communication Tools With Slack

Slack, which launches today, is a way to bring “all team communication into one place and make it searchable,” as Butterfield describes it.

Former Facebook Exec Ali Rosenthal Joins MessageMe as COO

Can the mobile app that lets you communicate better on a smartphone break out with new exec?

With Revamped Hangouts, Google Aims to Unify Messaging

Google’s new take on messaging is finally here.

Viral Video: Will Qualcomm’s Paul Jacobs Bring Adorkable “Born Mobile” Toddler to CES?

The massive annual tech gathering truly goes mobile in 2013.

Exclusive: Ross Levinsohn Departs Yahoo

The Hair bows out.

FaceTagram? InstaBook? Whatever You Call It, All Your Mobile Photo Are Belong to Facebook (for $1 Billion)!

Actually, it’s pretty simple: Photos. Photos. And, oh yes, mobile photos — lots and lots and lots of them.

Dell Mobile Boss Bails

Motorola Sues Apple Over…Everything