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Apple, the Angelina Jolie of Tech, Steps Into the Spotlight Again Tomorrow

For a secretive company, Apple sure has had a lot of events, launches and communications with the people in 2010.

Such as tomorrow’s music-focused event in San Francisco, where oodles of announcements around the iPod and iTunes are expected.

In a lot of ways, the company kind of reminds me of Angelina Jolie, the glamorous global celebrity who claims to vigorously guard her privacy, while at the same time carefully doling out an awful lot of information about her life, her many kids, her thoughts, her tattoos and, of course, Brad Pitt.

BoomTown is not meaning to disrespect Apple (AAPL) with this comparison, because no one loves a dose of Jolie news more than me.

The same is true for Apple, which has had a plethora of very noisy and very public activity throughout all of 2010, from its January 27 iPad announcement to the June 7 iPhone 4 launch to the July 16 Antennagate event.

That is not even including the many spontaneous emails of CEO Steve Jobs to the masses or his well-aimed barbs at both Google (GOOG) and then Adobe (ADBE).

And, of course, his energetic interview at the eighth D: All Things Digital conference in June.

Tomorrow, of course, will likely be more of the same, and the crack All Things Digital team will be there to chronicle it all, along with 38,467 other members of the media.

Given all this–now that I think about it–Angelina needs to step up her efforts if she wants to keep up with the Silicon Valley icon.

Until tomorrow then, here are some videos BoomTown made in 2010 at various Apple confabs, as well as the full video of Jobs at D8 in June:

iPad Look-See

Walt Mossberg and Jobs Talk iPad

iPhone 4 Palooza

Jobs at D8

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