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Twitter Account of U.K.’s Largest TV Network Falls to Syrian Hackers

A Twitter account belonging to ITV, Britain’s largest TV broadcaster, is the latest victim of a hacking campaign by the Syrian Electronic Army. The network confirmed to Reuters that the account was compromised. It’s the latest attack on a Twitter account controlled by a Western media organization by the pro-Assad group. Previous targets include the Associated Press, the Financial Times, the Onion and CBS News. Twitter has recently instituted new security measures to help prevent incidents like these.

Syrian Electronic Army Leaves Its Mark on the Financial Times

Another western media organization is attacked by the pro-Assad group of digital pranksters.

Why The Onion Is Awesome for Publishing Details of Its Twitter Hack

Details of hacking attacks are too often kept secret.

Syrian Hackers Turn Tables, Hack The Onion’s Twitter Account

A little later, The Onion bites back, with predictable results.


Judge Denies FBI Request to Hack Computer

A judge in Texas denied a request by the Federal Bureau of Investigation this week for what he describes as a warrant to remotely “hack a computer suspected of criminal use,” raising questions about the legal requirements for the government to use computer hacking techniques in investigations.

Financial Crimes Topped State-Sponsored Hacking Incidents in 2012

Hacking for profit, not politics, still dominates.

Computer Security Legend Mudge Leaves DARPA for Google Job

DARPA’s super hacker takes an unspecified job at the search giant.

Reuters Social Media Editor Charged With Helping Anonymous Hackers

He’s accused of helping a hacker gain access to the Los Angeles Times content system.

How the Cloud and Big Data Might Help Win the Hacker Wars

A suggestion by HP’s Art Gilliland.

Mandiant’s China Hacking Claims Draw Criticism

Not so fast.

How Scary Was the Internet in 2011?