Media Device Stores and Shares Well With Others

SanDisk’s Connect Wireless Media Device may relieve some of your devices’ storage burden and could serve as a media-sharing godsend on a long car trip.

Movile’s Bloisi Says Wi-Fi and Cheaper Prices Are Key for Smartphone Penetration in Latin America

The founder and CEO of Brazil’s largest mobile services company thinks the next four years will see a boom in the important region.


Lawyers Get Vigilant on Cybersecurity

As hackers step up attacks on law firms, attorneys are being forced to master a subject few of them studied in law school: Cybersecurity.


Are You “Always Addressable”?

A recently completed study from Forrester Research says a lot about the persistence of your online habits.

Verizon Wireless Playing the 4G Grinch With Third Outage This Month (Update)

Customers are growing increasingly frustrated as another outage hits a carrier that heavily touts reliability as a core strength.

From iPods to Thermostats: Nest CEO and Founder Tony Fadell Speaks! (Video)

What does the iconic music player have in common with the device you use to regulate the heat in your home? A lot more than you think.

It’s a So-Lo-Mo World, After All

Let it be said: For a digital information junkie such as myself, traveling abroad without any cellular or consistent Internet connection on my spanking new white iPhone is agonizing. As in: No social, no local, no mobile.

WSJ.Com's "Digits": Is Wal-Mart's Future Bright With Kosmix?

Yesterday, from the back of the official All Things Digital minivan, BoomTown donned the official ATD Ray-Ban Aviators to talk on’s “Digits” online news show about the $300 million acquisition of Kosmix by Wal-Mart announced earlier this week. Can the retail giant, which has tried a number of digital moves in years past (to negligible impact), get social and mobile this time?

Intel Resumes Shipping That Troublesome Chip

Remember that support chip of Intel’s with the “design issues”? The one that might cost it $300 million in revenue this quarter? It turns out PC makers want it anyway.

As Egypt's Last Internet Connection Goes Down, Alternatives Appear

The last significant Internet connection in Egypt has now gone down. The world has responded with numerous clever workarounds to help the people there get their messages out.

Verizon Gets Ready to Launch 4G

iPad Wi-Fi Woes?