E-Reader vs. iPad

Which is a better reader for all types of light: The Kindle Paperwhite or the iPad?

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Xobni’s Jeff Bonforte Officially Running Yahoo’s Communications Products

According to his LinkedIn profile, Jeff Bonforte has been named SVP of communication products at Yahoo. An insider tipped me to the new title for the former CEO of Xobni, the maker of address-book apps and plugins which Yahoo bought in July. “I have responsibility for Yahoo Mail, Messenger, Groups, Contacts, Calendar and some other stuff,” wrote Bonforte on his profile helpfully (to me!). AllThingsD had previously reported that the well-regarded former Yahoo was likely to get just this key portfolio at Yahoo, which could certainly use his expertise.

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As It Tries to Revamp the Mobile Addressbook, Brewster Sees Staff Turnover

Brewster, a small startup that makes a year-old iPhone contacts app, lost a significant portion of its staff this year, as Business Insider first reported today. “I have nothing but more confidence in what we’re going after. It’s just really hard,” said Brewster founder Steve Greenwood today, noting that “most of the people who were with us before are no longer with us today.” Commented investor Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures, “Sometimes change is for the best.”

Yahoo Mulling Buy of Address Book App Maker Xobni

Yahoo is in serious discussions to buy Xobni, maker of address book apps and plugins.

“Path Does Not Spam Users”: Dave Morin Talks About the Hyper-Growth Pains of a “Personal Network”

The Path CEO addresses spamming accusations and concerns about his startup’s recent viral growth in an interview with AllThingsD.

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LinkedIn Launches Contacts Product for iOS and the Web

LinkedIn on Thursday launched a new Contacts feature for its website along with a standalone mobile iOS application, a product stemming from the October 2011 acquisition of startup Connected. Contacts pulls together a LinkedIn user’s network of, well, contacts, across multiple accounts, including their personal LinkedIn network, Gmail and exchange networks (though not their Facebook and Twitter accounts). As with a calendar app, users can also set reminders and take notes on specific people inside the Contacts product.

Facebook Cuts Off Friend-Finding Access to Vine, Twitter’s New Video App

Well, that was fast. But we knew it was coming.

Ringya Makes Organizing Mobile Contact Lists Easier

Ringya wants to build a better mousetrap for one of your phone’s most commonly overlooked features.

Address Book App Brewster Now Factors in Location, Fixes “Favorites”

In the battle of the apps to manage your contacts, Brewster says it’s taking it to the next level.

Q&A: Behind Brewster, the Buzzy New Modern Address Book

Brewster founder Steve Greenwood explains his aim to replace the mobile contacts app with one that understands the complexity of digital relationships.

Is My Email Address My Identity?

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