Good News for the Cable Guys! Subscriber Numbers Dropped Again.

So why are the pay-TV guys smiling?

ATD Week in Review: Facebook Gets More Twittery and Kara’s Open Letter to Jeff Bezos

The week in AllThingsD, in one convenient post. You’re welcome!

“Cord Cutting Used to Be a Myth. It Isn’t Anymore.”

Pay TV subscriber losses are small, but they’re accelerating. Here we go …

How Will Apple Handle Verizon’s iPhone Shortfall?

What will Apple do when Verizon falls short of its iPhone purchase obligation?

Verizon May Need to Sell $23.5 Billion Worth of iPhones by End of the Year

And if it doesn’t, it could find itself on the hook for billions of dollars in payments to Apple.

Why Bother With Wireless? Tablet Owners Stay Tethered.

Another reason the iPad isn’t a big iPhone: It may be that only one in 20 tablets are hooked up to a wireless subscription.

Cord-Cutting Is Real, and the Cable Guys Are Still in Great Shape — For Now

The pay-TV business might be teetering, or at least getting close to the edge. But the broadband business — which the pay-TV guys own, too — is in great shape. For now.

Cord-Keeping: Pay TV Shrinks for the Quarter, Stays Steady for the Year

Time for another installment of “Cord-Cutting: Fact or Fantasy”?

Why the Feds’ Cable Probe Means More Expensive Web Video for You

If you’re hoping that the DOJ investigation blows up the cable business, we’ve got bad news.

Stalking the Elusive Cord-Cutter: Pay TV Grew Last Quarter (Again)

It’s easier than ever to get what you want to watch without paying for TV. But you’re still doing it.

Google’s Cable TV Lineup: A Wishlist

Big Cable Braces for a Lousy Quarter

iPad TV?

Big Red in the Red