Can Grow Into a $10 Billion Company?

It can, if it can grow its service and marketing clouds into billion-dollar businesses, one analyst says.

Xbox One Matches PS4’s First-Day Console Sales … And Reports of Defects

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

“Healthy Tension” Emerging Inside PayPal as It Looks to Reverse Poor Customer-Service Reputation

PayPal seems to be off to a good start under David Marcus. But tainted reputations are not cleansed overnight.

Sprint Cuts 800 Customer Service Jobs, but Doesn’t Foresee Companywide Layoffs

Happier customers mean fewer support calls.

New Gilt Groupe CEO on New Business Ideas, the Flash-Sales Bubble and a Future IPO (Q&A)

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Don’t Be a SaaS-Hole: How Silicon Valley Evolved Itself Into an Era of Zero Customer Service

The Valley has forgotten that a great user experience extends beyond the product, and delighting customers with a total user experience is at the heart of long-term sustainable business.

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Customer Service Is Next Job for IBM’s Watson

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Apple Attack Fallout Hits China’s State-Owned Enterprises

Want to know who are China’s most hated companies? All you have to do is hit out at one of its most beloved.


Beijing Takes Another Bite at Apple

The Chinese Communist Party’s main propaganda outlet assailed Apple Inc.’s customer-service practices, the latest indication that China might move to check foreign companies’ domination of the country’s smartphone market.