Malware Attacks by Syrian Pro-Government Hackers Are on the Rise

The Syrian Electronic Army isn’t the only pro-Assad group using hacking attacks.

The Washington Post Is Hacked Again, and Again China Is Suspected

It’s the third time in as many years the paper’s systems have been breached.

Chinese Hackers Used Fake Syrian News and Carla Bruni Pics to Attack Foreign Embassies

Another reason to be careful what you click.

CrowdStrike Lands $30 Million Series B Led by Accel Partners

The firm figures out who’s hacking you in real time.

How a Routine Malware Outbreak Cost One Government Agency Millions

American tax dollars at work.

Coming to Wall Street This Month: Quantum Dawn 2 — Cyberwar!

A sequel to 2011’s popular exercise, in which banks and federal agencies will attempt to deal with a simulated cyber attack. Probably no car chases, though.

Did Stuxnet Actually Improve Iran’s Nuclear Capabilities?

What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

China Sees Cyberwar as Reducing U.S. Advantage in Future Conflict

A new Pentagon report outlines the latest understanding of China’s stance on digital warfare and espionage.

Financial Crimes Topped State-Sponsored Hacking Incidents in 2012

Hacking for profit, not politics, still dominates.

U.S. Writes Its Worries About Buying IT Gear From China Into Law

More hand-wringing.