When People Live Their Lives Online, the Concept of Sharing Changes, Says Snapchat’s Evan Spiegel (Video)

Why using photos to communicate is potentially a larger opportunity than using photos to put ourselves on display.

Bin Lin Shows Dive Into Mobile the Power of Android in China (Video)

At D: Dive Into Mobile, the former Google and Microsoft executive talked about building a smartphone brand from scratch and why U.S. companies struggle in China.

Firefox CEO Kovacs Makes Case for Firefox OS at Dive Into Mobile (Video)

Mozilla chief Gary Kovacs, who is stepping down by year’s end, clearly hasn’t lost any enthusiasm when it comes to the potential for the mobile Web.

Google Glass, Workday and “WTF, Firefox OS?” — 10 Things You Need to See on AllThingsD This Week

A convenient roundup of the Top 10 stories that powered AllThingsD this week.

Sesame Workshop Shows Off Mobile Experiments in Rural India, Augmented Reality

One of these things is not like the other — one is aimed at all mobile devices in India, and the other is a full-on smartphone app.

Mobile Goes Global

From New York City today and tomorrow, D: Dive Into Mobile puts top execs onstage for their perspective on the global mobile scene.

Dive Into Mobile Gets Even More Global and Adds Ad Execs From Google and Millennial Media

Executives from Telefonica and a top Russian carrier join the lineup, alongside Google’s Jason Spero and Millennial Media’s Mollie Spilman, two key execs in mobile advertising.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop Aims to Ride Out the Storm (And Hurricane Sandy)

Stuck in midtown Manhattan thanks to Hurricane Sandy, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop talks about his tough turnaround and the company’s latest mobile products.

Live From Pandora’s Headquarters, It’s Saturday Night!

When the power goes out at Pandora’s headquarters, intern Bruno Mars steps up to impersonate a string of artists.

Dive Into Mobile: Listening to Global Voices From India, Africa and the Middle East

Attendees of this month’s D: Dive Into Mobile event in New York will hear not only from tech execs, but from people across the globe whose lives are being transformed by mobile technology.

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