Path = Mac, Facebook = Windows

Totally making this up — not an active user — but Path seems like the Mac of social networks vs. Facebook/Windows. (But what’s the iPod?)

Dan Frommer, via Twitter

Dan Stands Alone

Election night television, it seems, hasn’t changed much in the past four years — the same guys in the same bad suits, pointing at maps, reading wire updates, and trying not to screw up. The biggest difference, I noticed, is how the main tool I really used was Twitter.

Dan Frommer

You don’t get to 500 million movies without making a few duds.

Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs will be the best or worst movie I’ve ever seen.

Dan Frommer, via Twitter

No More Pencils, No More Books

Can’t wait for high school calculus iBooks where kids have to triangulate Kindle sales with rubbish percentage data

Dan Frommer, via Twitter

Dial-Up Lifers Still Love AOL

You can have my Global Village Teleport when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

Is Netflix Going to Try an iTunes Model? Nope (For Now).

Netflix has a simple one size, one price model. Could that change one day? Sure! Maybe! Sort of!

The Bull (Or at Least Less Bearish) Case for Netflix

Yes, Reed Hastings is losing customers — the ones he didn’t want.

An App for People Who Like Apple Ads

There are a lot of them! And Apple hopes many of them want to buy Apple ads, too.

AT&T Makes the Most of Its Final Fling With Apple: 4.1 Million iPhones in Q4

The last three months of 2010 marked the last quarter that AT&T had the iPhone all to itself, and the carrier got the most it could out of it: It activated 4.1 million more iPhones, and added a record number of new wireless customers.

Social Music Mystery! What Happened to Apple's Ping-Facebook Connection?

Why isn’t Ping playing with Facebook? It’s Facebook’s fault, says Apple CEO Steve Jobs: The social network demanded “onerous terms” to connect with Apple’s social music play. But clearly there’s more to the story. Because while Facebook isn’t connected to Ping right now, it had been up through the service’s launch last night, and even for some time after that.

MTV’s Video Site: Very Nice, Very Late