Android’s Father Won’t Soon Be Forgotten (Video)

Whatever Andy Rubin does in his next act at Google, his contributions to the mobile industry have been immeasurable.

Behind the Scenes at Groupon’s Tech Headquarters as It Prepares to Report First Public Earnings

Groupon is slowly building out its technology prowess in Palo Alto, Calif., 2,000 miles away from its headquarters — one acquisition at a time.

News Byte

Trulia Hires CFO and General Counsel on Way to IPO

San Francisco-based online real estate company Trulia has rounded out its executive team by hiring a new CFO and general counsel before it plans to file for an initial public offering next year. The company has appointed Sean Aggarwal, formerly VP of finance at PayPal, to the position of CFO and Scott Darling to the position of general counsel. Darling held previous positions at Imperva, Microsoft and Danger.

Watch Google Android Kingpin — And Motorola Acquirer — Andy Rubin Unplugged (Video)

We’ve interviewed the man-who-would-be-Motoogle, Andy Rubin, twice at big D: All Things Digital events, and Google’s mobile head has always had a lot to say about where this key market is headed. You might want to pay attention today.

The Sidekick Is Dead. Long Live the Sidekick. T-Mobile Aims to Reinvent the Original Smartphone.

While T-Mobile is moving ahead with plans to kill off the last vestiges of the Danger-based Sidekick, it is also going forward with a new Sidekick, this one a 4G Android-based phone from Samsung. Though it’s new under the hood, T-Mobile took pains to retain as much of the old Sidekick feel as possible, and built in a few new tricks.

T-Mobile Killing Off Microsoft’s Danger Servers Ahead of Android-based Sidekicks

After May 31, owners of the once-hip smartphones will find themselves proud owners of a cloud-based device without benefit of said cloud. T-Mobile said it will offer tools to allow users to export all of their data and will make various offers to transition Sidekick owners to a new device. The closure marks an unceremonious end to one of the first smartphones and also means the end to the last product on the market from Danger, a company that Microsoft spent $500 million to acquire back in 2008.

A New Social Network Where Inquiring Minds Run Wild

Katie takes a look at Quora, a question-and-answer site that encourages thoughtful—even long-winded—discussions.

Google's Android Kingpin Andy Rubin Will Open D: Dive Into Mobile (Plus, One More Surprise!)

While everyone is considering whether to brine or deep-fry the turkey this week, All Things Digital HQ will be busy with our preparations for D: Dive Into Mobile. That includes setting the program, which takes place in two weeks and will open with an evening interview with Google’s Andy Rubin. Plus, there is one more surprise speaker we’ll be adding to the program too.

Exclusive: Palm Loses Mobile Design Guru Matias Duarte to Google

Looks like Palm is suffering a bit of post-acquisition talent drain. Mobile user interface master Matias Duarte has left the company and hired on at the most obvious of places: Google. His new job? User Experience Director for Android.

Microsoft's New Mobile Phone Software Is Coming (and Its "Project Pink" Still Lives)–But Should It Just Give Up and Buy RIM?

Next week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Microsoft is likely to unveil Windows Mobile 7, the new version of its mobile operating system, trying to create some excitement around its foundering mobile strategy. “Foundering” is probably kind, given the innovative strides both Google and Apple have made in the smartphone arena in recent years by comparison. So is a new mobile OS–along with “Project Pink,” to create a new Microsoft-made device–going to cut it? Or should the tech giant buy its way back into the game?

Cisco Swallows Starent

Microsoft/Danger. Enough Said.

Better RIM Than Yahoo …

$22-a-share? What a Bunch of Yahoos …

Yahoo to Microsoft: Show Us the Money