Google’s Schaft Robot Dominates Pentagon Contest

It may not be the prettiest robot on the scene, but the angular blue creation from Google’s newly acquired Japanese startup is poised to secure more Pentagon funding to develop a creation capable of venturing into dangerous disaster zones to help humans.


How Spies May One Day Predict the Future

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, a little-known U.S. government organization, is developing analytic programs for the National Security Agency that could make recent revelations about the NSA’s activities look antiquated by comparison. Rather than reviewing archival data, it may use current data to predict the future.

KatieCam: Motorola’s Regina Dugan on Dancing and Cooking (Video)

All the ingredients for a compelling evening.

Electronic Tattoos and Passwords You Can Swallow: Google’s Regina Dugan Is a Badass

The former DARPA head has some more “epic shit” up her sleeve.

The Coolest Government Job Ever

We got to do a lot of epic shit when I was at DARPA.

— Regina Dugan, SVP of advanced tech and projects at Motorola Mobility LLC (and former DARPA chief)

Google Glass, Workday and “WTF, Firefox OS?” — 10 Things You Need to See on AllThingsD This Week

A convenient roundup of the Top 10 stories that powered AllThingsD this week.

Computer Security Legend Mudge Leaves DARPA for Google Job

DARPA’s super hacker takes an unspecified job at the search giant.

News Byte

DARPA Gets a New Top Geek

The blue-sky tech thinkers at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency have a new hand at the helm with the appointment of Arati Prabhakar to replace former director Regina Dugan, now with Google. Prabhakar built an impressive resume in both the public and private tech sectors, then in 2001 joined U.S. Venture Partners, investing in green tech and IT start-ups (the name of the company may be familiar, Wired notes, because of its ill-starred bet on Solyndra).

DARPA’s Regina Dugan Will Join Google

Regina Dugan, director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, is leaving to take a role at Google.

A TED View of the Future: Hypersonic Gliders, Liquid Batteries and Flying Robots

This morning the TED conference brought researchers out of the lab to show off their latest gadgets — if you can use the word “gadget” to describe collaborative flying robots.

DARPA: That’s Mach 20, Baby

D9 World Premiere Tonight

Siri: The Full D7 Demo

D7 Tech Demo: Siri