Windows Unit Gets Fresh Leaders as Phone, PC and Xbox Efforts Move Closer Together

Microsoft is putting together responsibility for the software engineering work that goes into the company’s phone, PC and Xbox.


Corporate Vice President, Internet Explorer

Once the Hercules of Web browsers and still the most popular, Internet Explorer has seen its share dwindle as shiny new browsers gobble up users. As Microsoft’s head of Windows Internet Explorer, Dean Hachamovitch is responsible for the design, development and release of IE and its updates, so retaining, regaining and impressing end users is his Job One.

Like IE's millions of users, he wants the software to "just work" on installation. And behind the public face of IE, he takes pride in creating new ways for developers to do more with browser technology in general.

Hachamovitch is a genuine Harvard math geek who is the designated IT guy for his entire extended family.

Posts With Dean Hachamovitch

Windows 8’s New-Style Browser Doesn’t Run Flash

And Microsoft loses a selling point that Windows 8 tablets could have had over the iPad. (Update: No Silverlight in touch-first version of IE 10 either)

The Empire Strikes Back: Microsoft Goes After Google on Web Video Formats

In the latest move in an escalating tussle, Microsoft blasts Google for dropping support for a video format known as H.264. Microsoft says it will build an add-on for Chrome that will add back support for the video format. Kids: Sooner or later, someone is going to lose an eye.

Full D@CES Interview Video: Microsoft Internet Explorer’s Dean Hachamovitch

As promised, after posting highlights last week, here’s the full video from an interview Walt Mossberg did with Microsoft Internet Explorer head Dean Hachamovitch at our D@CES event at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The browser chieftain talked a lot about privacy, as you can see from Hachamovitch’s latest shirt motto.

D@CES Highlights Video: Microsoft IE's Dean Hachamovitch

Our next highlights video from our D@CES event last week is of Microsoft Internet Explorer chief Dean Hachamovitch. Here’s Walt Mossberg’s interview with him, during which they focused a lot on privacy issues on the browser and the Web.

Microsoft's Browser Boss Dean Hachamovitch Touts Privacy Features at D@CES

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser is still the world’s most popular, but its dominance is being steadily eroded by competition from Mozilla, Google and Apple. Can a new, aggressive approach to privacy change that?
Dean Hachamovitch

D@CES Today: Twitter, Nvidia, Microsoft in the Vegas Spotlight!

First things first, for those emailing me frantically about getting into our D@CES onstage interview event later today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas: We’re sold out and have a very long wait list. That said, people in Sin City tend to flake out, so if you show up at the Marcello Ballroom at the Venetian at 3 pm, you might snag a seat to see us grill some tech execs well done with a side of news.

D@CES: What Happens to Twitter's Dick Costolo in Vegas Stays on ATD

Here comes our second D event at the Consumer Electronics Show, which is slated for January 6 to 9, 2011. D@CES will, natch, be focused on the consumer electronics arena, and the big trends impacting it. On the hot seat: Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, Nvidia co-founder and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang and Dean Hachamovitch, who heads the Internet Explorer team at Microsoft.

Microsoft Adds “Tracking Protection” to IE9

Microsoft on Tuesday showed off a new privacy setting it plans to put in the upcoming Internet Explorer 9 browser. Known as “tracking protection,” it will be added with a near-final “release candidate” version of IE9 early next year.

Microsoft on Flash: What Steve Said

Evidently, Apple CEO Steve Jobs isn’t alone in his low opinion of Flash. Looks like Microsoft’s not a particularly big fan of the Adobe technology, either. Writing in the company’s IEBlog, Dean Hachamovitch, general manager of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer arm, weighs in on the Flash debate echoing some of the arguments put forth by Jobs in his much discussed “Thoughts of Flash” essay.