Yves Behar’s “Smart” Lock Startup August Raises $8 Million

Open sez-VCs.

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Here’s the Annual D: All Things Digital Tab From the WSJ

As usual, The Wall Street Journal today published its annual pullout tab in the newspaper, which is also online, focused on some of the onstage interviews at last week’s D: All Things Digital conference. Our 11th show featured a panoply of top Internet and media execs, as well as some pretty cool demos. The Journal special section includes edited excerpts from interviews with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, SpaceX and Tesla Motors head Elon Musk, Apple CEO Tim Cook and more. You can read it all here (and complete coverage by ATD is here too, including the full videos of the conference).

Look Ma, No Hands! August “Smart” Lock Takes the Stage at D11. (Video)

August lets you put your house keys on your mobile phone.

With August, Yves Behar Brings Fine Design to a “Smart” Door Lock

August says it’s offering the first truly “hands-free” solution to unlocking your front door.

Max Levchin’s Glow Fertility App: The Full D11 Session (Video)

Levchin answers tough questions from Walt and Kara about his new fertility-tracking app.

Hands-On With Mozilla Firefox OS (Video)

Mozilla CTO Brendan Eich demos the upcoming Firefox OS for AllThingsD.

Why Twitter Dropped Close to $90 Million on Bluefin Labs

Twitter wrote a big check for Bluefin’s social analytics service. Bluefin shows us why.

Gaming the Clouds: Here Are the D Demos of Otoy (Still Standing) and OnLive (Who Knows?)

Please enjoy a look-see at some cloud gaming.