Atheer and Meta Want You to Touch Your Apps in Midair

Reach out and touch something.

Facebook’s $120 Million Onavo Buy Comes With Lots of Upside

It’s not just about helping bolster

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Nest Labs to Introduce Partner Developer Program

Nest Labs, makers of the Nest smart thermostat, announced on Wednesday that it plans to introduce a Web application programming interface in 2014, ultimately giving outside companies and app makers the chance to integrate with Nest’s products in new (and mostly unforeseen) ways. Nest’s first partner, home-automation company Control4, is a natural fit. Expect the open call for partners to begin early next year.

Samsung Opens Up Mobile Devices to Developers to Make Them More Attractive to Businesses

The Samsung Solution Exchange will include third-party products designed for industries such as health care, financial services, government, transportation, retail and education.

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Developers Can Now Integrate Jawbone Up Fitness Data

Fitness wristband maker Jawbone has opened up access to its API so developers can build and integrate tools for “data aggregation and visualization, gaming, marketing, rewards provisioning.” This extends a program that the Up band creator had launched for specific developers in April. It also helps bring Jawbone up to the level of competitors like Fitbit, which has long allowed developer data access.

Apple Offers Legacy Apps for Old iPhones and iPads

No device left behind.

Samsung Starts Taking Sign-Ups for October Developer Conference

The Korean electronics maker, which has a significant share of the market for TVs, phones and tablets, wants developers to do more work specifically aimed at its devices.

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Facebook Tweaks Third-Party App Login Requests

Facebook on Thursday rolled out changes to the way third-party apps request permissions from users when connecting to Facebook. Now, the app must request separate permission to “read” and use some of your Facebook information, as well as to “write,” or publish your app activity back to Facebook. Previously, the requests were blanket and not separate. Facebook said that users prefer the additional choice, and opt in to more sharing when given such a choice.

120,000 Apps in BlackBerry World (Spoiler: 47,000 Made by One Developer)

Looks like BlackBerry’s seen some success with its developer outreach efforts …

Nokia’s Head of Developer Relations Leaves for Gig at Amazon

Marco Argenti is leaving the Finnish phone maker for an unspecified job with Amazon’s Web services unit.