Betaworks Hires Former HuffPost Publisher Balis as CRO

The New York-based tech studio is trying to monetize across all its online media platforms.

Digg Launches an Android App

New stomping grounds for a familiar social content hub.

How Digg and Betaworks Built an Ad for a Steve Carell Movie in a Day

In a Tumblr era, ad campaigns can come together fast. Even faster when you have multiple companies tied together with a “creative SWAT team.”

To Bulk Up on Content, Learnist Aims at RSS Feeds

Content, content everywhere. Ed-tech startup Learnist wants creators to submit it to the site, via RSS.

Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and Others Call for More NSA Transparency

The alliance includes 63 companies, investors, non-profits and trade organizations.

News Byte

AOL Launches Its Own Reader

AOL on Monday launched a Reader product, days before Google plans to shut down its own Reader service on July 1. AOL allows Google Reader users to import their feeds into the new AOL Reader, which comes with basic tagging and organizational features (like most other reader products currently available) and has an API accessible to third-party developers and their apps. Digg, the social site responsible for aggregating and highlighting interesting Web content, has also launched a reader product.

Q&A: Digg’s Andrew McLaughlin and Jake Levine Race to Replace Google Reader

Under new ownership, the once-great online news aggregator is being reimagined as a feed reader replacement.
Digg's Andrew McLaughlin, David Levine and Jake Levine

AOL to Launch a Reader Product

Here come the Reader wars.

Time Machine! Tumblr’s David Karp in 2007, Age 21.

Back when he was 21, had 75,000 users and was raising $750,000.

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Digg: We Heard You Guys Might Be Looking for a New RSS Reader?

Though starting projects that other people discontinue for lack of usage might be more than a bad omen, Digg today said it planned to accelerate plans to build a modern RSS reader in the wake of Google Reader’s planned death. This is the Digg that was bought by Betaworks and is now led by Andrew McLaughlin (formerly of Google, Tumblr and the White House). Other Google Reader alternatives will include Feedly and Reeder.

Kevin Rose Interviews Elon Musk

Exclusive: Kevin Rose Will Join Google