NFC: What You Need to Know

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Should VeriFone’s Exit From the Mobile Payments Space Worry Square?

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Former PayPal Exec Sam Shrauger Lands at Visa After Brief Yahoo Stint

Shrauger will be responsible for developing and implementing Visa’s strategy for bringing new products to market.

Visa’s PayPal-Like Wallet Gains Traction With Partners; Will Consumers Follow?

Visa has started marketing its digital wallet service to consumers in earnest, now that it has signed up 50 banks and 23 merchants for


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When you ask the average person what is the underlying technology used to make the connection to their digital wallets, the answer will be “who cares?”

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Another Day, Another PayPal-esque Digital Wallet: Here’s MasterCard’s High-Tech Billfold

No surprise here: MasterCard also has a digital wallet strategy. Details are being spilled tonight at a special event at the wireless industry’s CTIA event.

CTIA Gets Down to Business in the Big Easy

The Jazz Fest is over; now it’s time for the mobile fest. Lets You Pay With Cash When Shopping Online is launching today “Pay with Cash,” a new feature that enables users to place orders online and then pay for them at a nearby Walmart.