Dish Gets a Sprint Deal, Just Not the One It First Wanted

The two companies plan to offer, on a trial basis, a fixed wireless Internet service to be installed by Dish using Sprint’s airwaves.

Dish’s Charlie Ergen Looks Assured of More Spectrum as No Other Big Names Enter Auction

The absence of a big-name bidder to rival Ergen seemed a likely outcome after Sprint announced last month that it wouldn’t bid on the so-called H Block of spectrum.

Sprint Won’t Bid in Upcoming Spectrum Auction

Sprint passes on the FCC’s upcoming H Block spectrum auction.

Good News for the Cable Guys! Subscriber Numbers Dropped Again.

So why are the pay-TV guys smiling?

More Cord-Cutting Drumbeats: “Very Likely” Cutters Growing In Number

Nearly three percent of current pay-TV subscribers say they might head to the Web instead. That’s up from two percent two years ago.

TiVo Unveils Next-Gen Roamio DVRs, Out-of-Home Streaming Coming Soon

Three years after its last major launch, TiVo finally revamps its product line.

Yet Another Way to Get a Super-Cheap Web TV Box

This one comes from Roku and BSkyB, and will cost you all of $15.

Dish and Its Ad-Skipping Hopper Win Another Legal Fight Against the TV Networks

First Aereo, now this: Tough month for the TV guys in their legal fights with the tech guys.

Sprint Shareholders Approve SoftBank Deal; Last Up Is the FCC

SoftBank’s $21.6 billion deal to buy Sprint got the hearty approval of Sprint shareholders today.