Twitter Taps Google Ad Director Christian Oestlien to Lead Growth

A new head of growth for the company as it aims to beef up its presence abroad.

Yieldbot Raises $5 Million More to Marry Search Buyers With Display Ads

Display ads are having a hard time. Search ads make a lot of money. So Jonathan Mendez’s pitch makes plenty of sense…


Web Display Ads Often Not Visible

The old adage in advertising — that half the money is wasted but no one knows which half — turns out to be as true for the digital world as it ever was for traditional media.

Facebook Bulks Up Its Ad Exchange With Help From AOL

A year ago the Facebook ad exchange didn’t exist. Now it’s huge, and gaining steam.

Coming Soon to Yahoo: Ads From Google

These are display ads, not search ads. And there’s probably not that much money involved right now. But it’s an interesting start.

News Byte

AOL Acquires Ad Targeting Company Buysight

AOL has agreed to purchase display advertising company Buysight, the company announced Tuesday. Buysight will join AOL’s division, while continuing to serve Buysight clients with what the company claims will be “very little disruption” as it integrates with AOL. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Why Google Doesn’t Own the Next Chapter in Web Ads

“Internet advertising” used to mean “search advertising,” which meant “Google.” Not anymore.

Haters Gonna Hate, but Facebook Is Still a Buy, Analyst Says

Don’t stop believin’, an equity research firm says.

News Byte

Yieldbot Raises $4 Million to Help Sell Display Ads to Search Buyers

Ad tech start-up Yieldbot has raised a $4.2 million A round led by New Atlantic Ventures and RRE Ventures. The New York-based company helps publishers sell their display inventory to marketers who usually buy search ads from Google and Microsoft instead. Seed investors kbs+p Ventures, Common Angels and Neu Venture Capital also re-upped.

AOL Beats Estimates, Posts Another Ad Sales Increase. But About Those Domestic Numbers …

An 8 percent sales bump for Tim Armstrong. Enough?

Google Advertises…Google Advertising