HP Is Negotiating to Settle Bribery Charges

The allegations stem from a deal with a Russian government agency.

Microsoft-Nokia Deal Gets Go-Ahead From Justice Department

Unconditionally approved.

Apple’s E-Book Punishment Court Order Is Final, and Not as Bad as Apple Feared

But Apple says it will still appeal.

The Incredible Shrinking Apple E-Book Remedy

Not quite the “modest” injunction Apple would like, but getting closer.

Apple Says DOJ’s E-Book Remedies Are Biased in Amazon’s Favor

“Plaintiffs are seeking a remedy that would give Amazon significant competitive advantage over Apple — an advantage it is neither entitled to nor deserves.”

DOJ Softens Proposed Apple E-Book Injunctions, Slightly

A few changes, but hardly the ones for which Apple has been angling.

Apple Slams Feds’ Proposed E-Book Remedies as a “Draconian and Punitive Intrusion”

Apple says the DOJ’s proposed remedies in its ebook price-fixing case are unwarranted, overreaching and at times unconstitutional.

DOJ Calls for Apple to End Book Deals, Link to Rival Bookstores

The Department of Justice and 33 state attorneys general on Friday called for an array of sanctions that they claim will “reset competition to the conditions that existed before the conspiracy.”


Why Is Apple Still Wrangling Over E-Books?

A question hangs over Apple Inc.’s e-books trial: Why is Apple fighting the U.S. Department of Justice when the book publishers the agency also sued chose to settle?

Sprint Shareholders Approve SoftBank Deal; Last Up Is the FCC

SoftBank’s $21.6 billion deal to buy Sprint got the hearty approval of Sprint shareholders today.

The Apple iBooks Origin Story

FCC Approves T-Mobile, MetroPCS Deal