Transferring Video to a PC

Walt answers a reader who wants to know how to transfer videotape material to a PC.

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Cloud Gaming Startup Happy Cloud Raises $4.25 Million Series A Round

The Happy Cloud, one of a slew of “cloud gaming” startups trying to bring videogames to new and different platforms, announced Wednesday it had raised a $4.25 million Series A round of venture capital. The round was led by Avalon Ventures and joined by Jesselson Capital and Shaman Ventures. The Happy Cloud has been in stealth mode since it launched in 2011, but claims that users who download games through its partnerships with publishers can start playing them almost instantly while the full game download finishes in the background. The company also announced the appointment of a new CEO, Tamir Buchler.

Fandango Says 2012 Ticket Sales Highest Ever

Online movie ticketing had a good ending.

Prepare to Cringe: Your Tweeted Life, Now Available for Download

Thousands upon thousands of tweets on what we were eating for breakfast.

Pay Up? Okay. Music Buyers’ Numbers Increased In 2011.

Could be a one-year Adele effect. Or maybe the industry really has turned the corner.

Chomp: With App Searches, It’s All “Free” and “Games”

When it came to app searches in December, most people didn’t go looking for specific titles; it was all “free” and “games” — and “Christmas” — according to app-specific search engine Chomp.

Get Yer Free Nintendo 3DS Downloads Here

Happy early holidays, gamers: Nintendo, in an attempt to drive sales of its 3-D gaming handheld device, is throwing free throwback games at early buyers of the 3DS.

Spooking Flipboard: Yahoo’s Livestand — Followed by Google’s Propeller — Set to Launch Next Week

Memo to Flipboard, Pulse, CNN’s Zite and AOL’s Editions: You might want to make some room in the crowded news and social reader space — you’re about to get some bigfoot company.

Warner Bros. Pulls Back the Curtain on Flixster Collections, Its Ambitious Digital Video Bet

You can’t say they’re thinking small here: The studio has built a service that lets you and your friends see everything you’ve downloaded, rented or watched.