AllThingsD Is Launching a Timeline of Tech on Facebook — And We Need Your Help

We’ve just launched our Facebook Timeline of Tech, and we’re letting our readers make the finishing touches.

Twitter and Facebook Are Tomorrow’s News Service. For Now, Though …

If you rely on Facebook and Twitter to serve up a steady stream of news, you’re in the minority.

ATD and Mashable Sitting in a Tree: The Best Merger Memo I’ve Nabbed All Year

Happy Valentine’s Day, Drake and Stacy! Walt, Handsome Pete and I could not be more happy for you.

Start-Up Scribr Wants to Help Your Twitter Feed Survive the Coming Web-pocalypse

Scribr is trying to keep your Facebook profile from becoming like the lost GeoCities of Atlantis.

Fetchnotes Wants to Get Your “To Do” List Out of Your Head

Start-up Fetchnotes is trying to use an armload of APIs to build a mainline between your real brain and the one you keep on the Internet.

Want to Lunch Like Larry or Snack Like Sergey? Kitchit Launches the NetJets for Personal Chefs. (Video)

A new start-up called Kitchit is launching a service that allows even the ketchup class to book a high-end chef for private in-home dining. (I wonder if they’ll let you order PB&J.)

Mission Motors Closes a Round of Funding (And Swears It Won’t Blow It All on Awesome Electric Motorcycles)

Mission Motors just landed more than $9 million in Series B funding to not build electric motorcycles. Instead, it is trying to attract other companies that might drool over record-setting mini-electric drive systems.

A Social Update From AllThingsD’s Social Media Editor

Today, we’re updating social media on AllThingsD, and I’ll be your guide to all the changes.

The Future of Social Media at AllThingsD

AllThingsD has undergone a few changes to the social media on our site.

Start-Up Rally Wants Your Cause to Raise Money Online, Even if Justin Bieber Isn’t Tweeting About It

There’s an old maxim in fundraising: It’s better to get one dollar from 100 supporters than it is to get $100 from one supporter. Or you can get a new online fundraising start-up called Rally to take advantage of the network effects of your real supporters.