Russia’s Hopes to Crack U.S. Market With Mobile Chat and Email Programs

Sure it is a crowded market. But, says CEO Dmitry Grishin: “We can learn a lot and compete with the best companies.”
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Yahoo Shareholders Meeting Astoundingly Boring

Edge-of-your-seat entertainment!


They Know What You’re Shopping For

Georgia resident Andy Morar is in the market for a BMW. So recently he sent a note to a showroom near Atlanta, using a form on the dealer’s website to provide his name and contact information.

Mobile Technology Frees Workers to Work Any 20 Hours a Day They Choose

The average American first checks his or her phone just after 7 am, with more than half checking their work email in bed, and 40 percent doing work past 10 pm.

The @facebook Email Switch: Another Nudge Toward a Facebook Communications System

An email tweak reminds us of Facebook’s future communications ambitions.

Email Dispute

Email, upper case, lower case, any case, is the electronic version of the interoffice, inter-organizational mail system, the email we all experience today — and email was invented in 1978 by a 14-year-old working in Newark, NJ. The facts are indisputable.

Noam Chomsky, from a Tuesday statement in support of V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai’s often-disputed claim to have invented email

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Nearly Half of Online U.S. Seniors Are on Facebook

Of the 20 million United States senior citizens (65 and older) who are online, nearly half have a Facebook account, according to a recent report from Forrester Research. Other online activities — shopping, single-player games and browsing photos — hover around 50 percent. But email use is the clear winner, with 91 percent of those 65 and older using it.

Web Pans Google’s Gmail App for iPhone (Updated: “Googla Culpa”)

Google on Wednesday released a native Gmail client for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. However, the app was quickly panned by a number of techies.

Nokia to Sell Messaging Unit to Britain’s Synchronica

Britain’s Synchronica said late on Wednesday that it has agreed to acquire a Nokia unit that provides e-mail, instant messaging and other software for cellular carriers, including all four major U.S. carriers. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Revamped Yahoo Mail Peels Off Beta Stamp

Aiming to regain ground in its battle against Gmail and Hotmail, Yahoo is ready with a final version of its latest mail software. The new Yahoo mail aims to integrate more kinds of communication, including updates from Facebook, Twitter and more.

RIM, India Trade Texts, Still Not BFFs

Apple, RIM: No Netbooks

Motorola: Goodbye