More Early Adopters Want Kindle Fire Than iPad

Survey says 26 percent of Amazon Kindle Fire early adopters say they are delaying the purchase of an iPad.

Early Adopter: Autograph a Book or Sign a Permission Slip–All Electronically at the DocuSign Hackathon

Would you like to electronically sign a petition or your child’s field trip permission slip? E-signature stalwart DocuSign hopes you would–and so it hosted a hackathon to come up with new solutions.


Early Adopter:–Kayak for College Sports Online

There are about 6,500 NCAA Division One sports teams in the U.S. So, how do you find that obscure, out-of-conference, pre-season lacrosse match-up this weekend? wants to aggregate you an answer.


Early Adopter: Quick Hits from the Launch Conference

Yesterday was the launch of the two-day Launch Conference, a start-up demo orchestrated by entrepreneur Jason Calacanis. So here are some snippets from the event, along with the Early Adopter picks from the demo pit.


Early Adopter: Pothole-Reporting App SeeClickFix Raises $1.5 Million to Help You Be a Squeakier Wheel

It’s a fine line between keeping your potholes filled and walls graffiti free and being a civic tattletale. Civic nuisance reporting app SeeClickFix lets you toe the line, and just got another $1.5 million from O’Reilly AlphaTech and Omidyar to help users keep at it.


Early Adopter: The Daytum iPhone App Visualizes Your Life (and Lunch) as Data

Want to do some serious numerical navel-gazing like the pros? Need to know how many eggrolls you’ve eaten this year? How about finding out at what bus station you are most likely to give change away? Daytum might be the app for that.

The Social Web's Big New Theme for 2011: Multiple Identities for Everyone!

Even as Facebook extended its dominance in 2010 to the point where it seems to have a social Web monopoly, it was a landmark year for social network competition. Where in the past, tech industry watchers derided new start-ups for launching “yet another social network,” an increasing number of users seem to be constructing multiple online presences that utilize the strengths of various platforms and networks.

Help! I'm Addicted to CityVille

Among the early adopter types I know in the tech industry, there’s a sense that casual gaming on Facebook serves an entirely different demographic from their own. The thinking is that games from Zynga and the like replace relatively mindless activities like soap opera watching. But as someone who has just reorganized her virtual retail shops to be surrounded by virtual trees so as to accumulate more virtual bonus points, I see how social gaming–especially as it gets more social–might appeal to the desire for mindless diversions in all of us.

Qualcomm to Give FloTV Users Money Back

Looking to move on from its painful foray into mobile television, Qualcomm says it will offer rebates to those who bought its FloTV mobile TV units. It had previously announced it would shut down the service in March.

Let’s Get Mobilized

Welcome to Mobilized, the new home for everything mobile here at All Things Digital. This blog will cover the wireless world from cell phones to tablets, as well as the networks they run on (or drop calls on). In other words, all the the issues raised by having the tiny little machines with us at all times.

O Ye Apple Investors of Little Faith