After Two Turbulent Augusts, HP Shareholders Hope for an Uneventful One This Time

Last year was the $8 billion EDS write-off. Two years ago was Autonomy and the PC-spinoff try. Any surprises this time?

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A happier tone.

HP Hires, or Rather Re-Hires, New Sales Head of Enterprise Services

Larry Stack, an eight-year EDS veteran, is back.

No, HP Will Not Be Selling Autonomy or EDS or Anything Else

But the number of people who want to buy is growing.

“The Narrative Lags the Reality” in HP Turnaround Effort, CEO Whitman Says (Video)

Patience, patience, patience.

Dell Services Head Schuckenbrock Resigns Suddenly

Out the door before he could really get started.

HP Shares Tumble on Dismal 2013 Outlook

HP Names Ex-SAP Chief Apotheker as CEO