Tracking Sensors Invade the Workplace

As Big Data becomes a fixture of office life, companies are turning to tracking devices to gather real-time information on how teams of employees work and interact.


Apple Gives In to Employee Perks

When it comes to keeping employees happy, Apple Inc. appears to be taking some inspiration from Google Inc.

Facebook Shares Take a Dip on Lockup Expirations

The markets are open again, and now there are 200 million more Facebook shares free to be traded.

Square Finally Closes $200 Million Round at — Cha-Ching! — A $3.25 Billion Valuation

After all the rumors, the check has finally arrived at the high-profile payments start-up.

Zynga Shrugs Off Losses as Two More VPs Leave

The exodus of top talent from Zynga continues with two more VPs announcing their departures, according to Bloomberg.


One on One

Generally, people who think one-on-one meetings are a bad idea have been victims of poorly designed one-on-one meetings.

DowninthedumpsVille: Morale Sinking at Zynga Along With Stock Drop

When it rains, it pours. Also, you get all wet.

Amazon’s Homepage Splashes Big News (For a Small Audience)

False alarm. It’s not about the new Kindle Fire or the much-rumored Amazon phone.

How Does Valve Decide What to Work On?

The same way we make other decisions: by waiting for someone to decide that it’s the right thing to do, and then letting them recruit other people to work on it with them. We believe in each other to make these decisions, and this faith has proven to be well-founded over and over again.

— From page 13 of the Valve Handbook for New Employees

News Byte

Zillow to Open Southern California Sales Office

Zillow, which aggregates real estate information online, said it is opening a new sales office in Irvine, Calif., later this summer, with plans to hire up to 100. The Seattle company said the employees will be focused on selling subscriptions to local agents. The office will also have 20 employees from Diverse Solutions, a company Zillow acquired in November.