ESPN ScoreCenter App Is a Hit, but It’s Getting an Overhaul Anyway: New Name, More Video, More Stuff

ESPN is already mobile-first. So if its users are going to spend all their time there, why not give them more to look at?

Apple TV Adds Yahoo, PBS

Apple’s Web TV box gets a little bit bigger.

NFL, MLB Tell Supreme Court: If Aereo Wins, We’re Bailing on Broadcast

The thing is, that’s kind of happening already.


Sports Programming Dominates the Living Room

How sports programming is reshaping the TV landscape and driving a new generation of technology.


The Convergence Tipping Point

The convergence revolution is in its most disruptive phase in television.


Dish, Disney Reach Short-Term Deal

Dish Network Corp. struck a short-term deal that will allow the satellite TV provider to continue to carry media giant Walt Disney Co.’s TV programming, a pact that for now avoids a blackout for channels like ABC and ESPN.


Another Shutdown? Dish Network Could Lose ESPN, ABC.

As Washington tries to avert a government shutdown at midnight amid stalled budget talks, there‚Äôs another big deadline looming tonight — this one in the media world.

Twitter Snags the NFL for Another Ad Win

One day, Twitter could end up competing with TV. Right now, it wants to be TV’s best buddy, so it can get deals like this.

More Cord-Cutting Drumbeats: “Very Likely” Cutters Growing In Number

Nearly three percent of current pay-TV subscribers say they might head to the Web instead. That’s up from two percent two years ago.

Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey Joins Board of Major League Gaming

A pickup from the traditional sporting world for the growing e-sports company.