Emotionless E-Commerce and the Death of the Joy of Gift-Giving

By and large, e-commerce sites are too easy, too impersonal, and — really — too convenient.

New Seller Demand Crashes Handmade Marketplace Zibbet After Etsy’s Big Changes

A big opportunity for a small competitor.

Etsy Overhauls Its Seller Policies in What Could Be a Controversial Move

Huge changes for the popular online marketplace.

The Grommet Mulls a Wholesale Marketplace to Play Matchmaker for Inventors and Retailers

The platform that introduced you to SodaStream and Fitbit wants to help inventors put their products on retail store shelves.

Square’s New Web Marketplace Highlights Twitter Commerce Possibilities

Square Market, the Web-based storefront from the commerce startup, is all about pushing products over social networks. That could prove interesting when Twitter beefs up its commerce products.

News Byte

Payments Startup Balanced Raises $2 Million

Balanced, a startup that focuses on bringing payments systems to network-based companies like Airbnb and Kickstarter, announced Tuesday that it raised $2 million in venture capital. Andreessen Horowitz participated in the round, along with CollabFund and a number of current and former Facebook employees. The ten-person startup had already raised $1.4 million in funds from Ashton Kutcher, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky and Reddit CEO Yishan Wong, among others.

Everybody’s a Curator: Flipboard’s Mike McCue Talks About New Version of Social Magazine (Video)

I made a magazine about Pop-Tarts. Anyone have a problem with that?

News Byte

Etsy Sellers Grossed $895M in 2012

Etsy said today that its online marketplace sales grew 70 percent to $895 million in 2012, with total membership nearly doubling to 22 million. But the eight-year-old company takes in only a sliver of that revenue, by charging fees of 3 percent to 3.5 percent per transaction, $0.20 per listing and additional amounts for advertising.

Etsy Acquires Mixel for Mobile Team

A better native app is in Etsy’s mobile future.

Farmigo Opens Doors to Online Farmers Market

Can’t make it to your local farmers market? Farmigo wants to help bring it to you.

Meet Mine — Your Life, in E-Shopping

Is New York’s Digital Boom Slowing Down?