Sosh, San Francisco’s Find-Something-to-Do App, Is Now Live in New York

In San Francisco, the site and app have signed up one in eight people between ages 21 and 40.

Geek History, Facebook Glitches, the Surface Pro Reviewed and More: The AllThingsD Week in Review 2/3/13 – 2/9/13

The top 10 stories of the week, in one convenient serving.

Exclusive: Facebook CTO Bret Taylor Departs (For Start-Ups Unknown)

A top-level departure at the social networking giant, especially in the wake of continued intense media and investor scrutiny over its rocky IPO last month.


The “Mad Men” Years Are Giving Way to the “Math Men” Era

I love the “Mad Men” version of the ad business. The storytelling. The simplicity. The glasses of scotch at 10 am. But these days in digital, it feels like the Math Men media buyers (with their terabytes of data) are taking over for the Mad Men creatives.

TripAdvisor CEO Says Wall Street Underestimates Its Value Now That It’s Flying Solo

TripAdvisor’s co-founder and CEO Stephen Kaufer talks to AllThingsD about the media company’s prospects for growth now that it has broken off from Expedia and is an independently traded company.

Zynga’s Own Game Network Will Still Have Facebook Everywhere

Zynga unveiled a new game platform today that will compete directly with players’ time now spent on Facebook. But in reality, it won’t be gaining much distance from the social network at all.

The Big Picture of Facebook f8: Prepare for the Oversharing Explosion

Facebook, as expected, is set to launch tools and partnerships today that socialize users’ activities all over the Web. What does this all mean? Offers the Equivalent of Anti-Virus and Spam Software for the Social Web is today launching plug-ins for Firefox, Chrome and Safari that help users monitor the personal information they share with developers through Facebook Connect and similar tools.

More Than Friending: How Can the Social Web Go Beyond Facebook?

When people talk about making the Web more “social,” what they really seem to mean is making it more tightly integrated with Facebook. But is that all there is?

Young Ex-Googlers Explain Why They Left to Do a Social Start-Up

WhereBerry co-founders Nick Baum and Bill Ferrell were until late last year product managers at Google, but they left to start the social planning service.

Myspace: A Place for Facebook Friends

Is My Email Address My Identity?