Square Discontinues Monthly Flat-Rate Plan

The company says that the plan, designed for large businesses, was actually hindering growth for some of them.


Time Warner Cable Drops CBS Network From Lineup

CBS Corp.’s flagship broadcast network was dropped from Time Warner Cable Inc.’s TV service in New York, Los Angeles and other major markets Friday after long-running negotiations between the companies failed to reach a deal on fees.


AT&T Imposes New 61-Cent Monthly Wireless Fee

AT&T Inc. has added a new monthly administrative fee of 61 cents to the bills of all of its contract wireless lines as of May 1, a move that could bring in more than a half-billion dollars in annual revenue to the telecom giant.

Verizon Customers Will Have to Wait Full Two Years for That Phone Upgrade

Verizon is phasing out a program that let customers on a two-year contract upgrade their phone after 20 months.

Verizon Kills Planned $2 Convenience Charge Following Uproar

The company backtracks on a planned fee for one-time credit card payments made online or by phone.

Verizon Introduces “Convenience Fee” for Some Online, Phone Payments

There are still plenty of ways to avoid that $2 charge, however.

Verizon’s ThunderBolt Moves Like Lightning

Verizon’s ThunderBolt 4G cellphone is a speed demon, zipping past rival 4G phones’ cellular-data speeds and even past many home land-line Internet connections.


An App For That? Five Ways Banks Could Learn From Apple's iPad

The line for the iPad 2 at Apple’s White Plains, N.Y., store stretched around the third level of the mall. The line blocked restaurants, Anthropologie and Brooks Brothers stores. Security guards had to keep the escalator exits clear. Meanwhile, the nation’s banks are getting attention by covertly raising fees charged to customers who use their automated teller machines: a whopping $5 in some cases.

Viacom Sold Rock Band for a Song. A Really, Really Cheap Song.

If you’ve got $49.99, you can buy a copy of “Rock Band 3.” Or you could have bought the company that makes the videogame. Ouch.

Virtual Monday? How Holiday Shopping Has Included Intangibles.

Cyber Monday reached a record-breaking level this year with more than $1 billion dollars spent online, making it the heaviest U.S. online shopping day ever. And that includes the intangibles in our lives that you can’t touch or feel, and can’t ship in a box, like e-books and music and virtual goods.

The eMoney Ribbon Cutting

Boxee Goes Hunting for Big Bucks

Hate Paying for Cable? Here’s Why.